Yi Liu Film – Yi Liu





KING OF THE WORLD (Narrative Short)

SNAP (Narrative Short)

PING PONG COACH (Narrative Short)

METHOD (Narrative Short)

D-DAY (Narrative Short)






KING OF THE WORLD (Narrative Short) / Director: Yi Liu

THE HUMMM (Theatre Projection) / Director: Kai-Chieh Tu

AUSPICES (Narrative Short/Additional Footage) / Director: Sam Rimland

ANOTHER WOMAN (Narrative Short) / Director: Minami Goto

BOOGER PRINCE (Narrative Short) / Director Kevin Contento

A SHORT FILM ABOUT NOTHING (Narrative Short) / Director: Shipei Wen

XIAOJIN XU MUSIC TOUR (Promo Video) / Director: Xiaojin Xu

ASPIRIN (Narrative Short)/ Director: Yachi Yang

CATRINA (Narrative Short)/ Director: Nic Yulo

PICKPOCKET (Narrative Short) / Director: Florinda Frisardi

HAPPILY EVER AFTER (Narrative Short) / Director: Caroline Boyd

BLOOD SCARF (Narrative Short) / Director: Courtney Climan

ABOUT A PAINTING (Narrative Short) / Director: Kevin Contento

DRUNKEN NIGHT (Narrative Short) / Director: Minjae Chang

SOLO (Narrative Short) / Director: Mica Coburn

CREEP (Narrative Short) / Director: Shelly So Young Yo

THE ARTIST (Narrative Short) / Director: Cristian Donoso

CHILDPLAY (Narrative Short) / Director: Florinda Frisardi

POOL WITHOUT WATER (Promo Video) / Director: Zhou-Han Liao

D-DAY (Narrative Short) / Director: Yi Liu




THE THREE SISTERS (Theatre) / Director: Palina Jonsdottir

PRESENSE IN THE GROOVE (Dance) / Director: Meng-Hsuan Wu

THE LONG ROAD (Theatre) / Director: Hsin-Yu Wang

NIGHT OF WEN-LUO-TING (Dance) / Director: Hsiao-Yin Peng


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